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Selling in Brickshire

The Virginia Property Owners' Association Act requires the seller of a property in a community association to provide a Resale Package to the buyer a minimum of three days prior to closing. The package may be ordered by the seller or the representative of the seller, and once ordered, must be completed within fourteen days. The package includes a variety of documents for the buyer along with the results of an exterior inspection and account statement. The intent of the requirement is to ensure that every buyer understands the responsibilities of living within that particular community, and has an opportunity to review the governing documents, rules, and regulations prior to purchase.

To order a Resale Disclosure Package, please go to the Homewisedocs website.

Once a property is purchased, the buyer becomes responsible for the property including past due assessments, existing violations, etc. This applies even if the buyer does not receive or review a resale disclosure package. We want our residents to understand and support the standards of the community, and we encourage all prospective residents to request the resale package and to review community documents in the package as well as on this website.


ALL signs in Brickshire must match our governing documents and instructions on the content and materials permitted on the sign can be found on pages 21 and page 22 of the Design Standards. Please also note that no lead signs are allowed in Brickshire as well. Appendix E on page 65 of the Standards has a basic illustration showing the measurements of the sign allowed. The allowed content pertaining to agents is listed in section 2.5.4 part b.

Any sign not in compliance will be written notice and must be removed. For any further questions after reading the Sign section of the Design Standards below, you may reach the office at (804) 966-1599

Agents are free to use any sign company they prefer as long as the sign meets the Standards.

Download Brickshire Design Standards

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