The Brickshire Community Association is homeowner's association formed as a nonstock, nonprofit corporation in Virginia.  Every owner in Brickshire automatically becomes a member of the Association with one membership per unit.   The association is governed by a five-member Board of Directors who manage the financial affairs of the Association and set forth the policies and procedures necessary to complete the work of the Association. 

The Association is responible for the management, maintenance, operation, and control of common properties (including land and buildings) and developing the rules and regulations for use of the common properties. In addition, the Association enforces the requirements of the Governing Documents, which include the Declaration, Design Guidelines, and the rules and regulations of the Association.  The Association is required to maintain liability insurance coverage along with property coverage and Directors and Officers insurance.   Maintenance of the Association includes all common areas, landscaping, trails, structures, and improvements.  In order to maintain the properties, the Association is authorized to levy assessments upon all member properties, and is responsible for collecting the assessments from each member.  Architectural Review of exterior changes to any property is another function of the Association along with the development and promulgation of rules and regulations in order to meet the specifications of the Declaration and the Design Guidelines.  

Committees that assist the Board of Directors include the following:

Architectural Review Board (ARB)

Building & Grounds (B & G)


Golf Course Operations

Long Range Planning

Social & Children's (Sub-Committee of Social)