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Upcoming Events

Private Event

Start Date: 08/13/2022 09:00
End Date: 08/13/2022 14:00
Location: Owners Club

Baby Shower

3840 Virginia Rail

Deposit Paid 6.21.22

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Duplicate Bridge

Start Date: 08/15/2022 09:00
End Date: 08/15/2022 16:00
Location: Owners Club

RSVP or Questions to Marilyn Leyo: mleyo@cox.net

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Afternoon Bridge

Start Date: 08/16/2022 13:00
End Date: 08/16/2022 16:00
Location: Owner Clubhouse

Contact Cecile Crane If Interested. Beginners Welcome. 


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Town Hall with Supervisor Ron Stiers

Start Date: 08/16/2022 18:00
End Date: 08/16/2022 20:00
Location: Owners Club

Supervisor Ron Stiers will host a Town Hall meeting to talk about possible traffic safety remedies on Kentland Trail, to possibly include a temporarly roundabout.

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