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Upcoming Events

Garden Gab

Start Date: 06/17/2021 13:00
End Date: 06/17/2021 14:30
Location: Owner's Clubhouse

Contact:  Grammythegardener@gmail.com  if interested

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Kiddo Park Meet Up

Start Date: 06/19/2021 10:00
End Date: 06/19/2021 11:30
Location: Playground

Bring your kids out to the park to play and meet other families! The Childrens Committee is hosting this event, which is open to all Brickshire residents. 

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Private Event

Start Date: 06/19/2021 16:00
End Date: 06/19/2021 22:00
Location: Brickshire Clubhouse

Private Birthday Dinner

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3 Up 3 Down

Start Date: 06/23/2021 13:00
End Date: 06/23/2021 15:00
Location: Owners Clubhouse

3Up 3Down is a simple easy to learn fun card game. We are a no frills group BYOBS (bring your own beverage and/or snacks). 

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