The Covenants Committee is hereby chartered to assist the BCA Board of Directors with assuring adherence to the governing documents including the Declar,h and maintain the value of the property in the community and facilitate harmonious relations among members of the community.   The Committee is to meet quarterly or more frequently, and to help with the enforcement of the Covenants as assigned by the Board of Directors and duties of the committee include visual inspections of the community, review of rules and regulations with recommendations to the Board of Directors, and holding tribunal (violation) hearings as needed.

The Committee is comprised of a minimum of three and a maximum of seven voting members, who shall be property owners in good standing with the Brickshire Community Association. Members shall be approved by the Board of Directors. Each member serves a two-year term of two years. The committee members shall elect a Chairperson or Co-Chairpersons, who shall serve a term of one (1) year and who shall conduct periodic meetings of the Committee and report to the Board of Directors at regular Board meetings. Both Committee members and the Chairperson can serve multiple terms. At its discretion, the Board of Directors may assign a current Board member to liaise with the committee.

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