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Brickshire Yard Sale

Community Yard Sale

Date: 5/13/2017

Set up time: 6am-8am

Start Time: 8:00 AM

End Time: 12:00 PM

Location: Tot Lot Field


Mark your calendars for the 7th Annual Community Yard Sale on May 13th from 8am-12pm.  Any resident who wishes to participate in the yard sale is welcome but space is limited.   Approximately 30 spaces are available so register soon!  There is a $5 registration fee to reserve your space which covers costs of advertisement, signage, and materials.  Advertisements are placed in all major newspapers from Hampton Roads to Richmond and social media is used to the fullest extent possible. Banners are also placed at the Exit 214 off ramps the week prior to the event and at the entrance to Brickshire.  The event will be held at the Tot Lot, in the same location as in past years which have all been very well attended! 


All participants will be provided an approximately 20'x20' space to set up their "store".  Materials such as tables, tents, clothing racks, etc will not be provided and you will need to provide your own set-up equipment and materials.  Also be sure to have your own cash box for change.  Registration for the yard sale will close on May 14th, one week prior to the event.  After registration closes all registered participants will receive an email notifying them of their scheduled set up time and a map showing the location of all the participants on the field.  Set up will begin at 6am and will be staggered in waves so as to minimize traffic jams on the field.  You will be able to drive your vehicle on the field for unloading.


To register for the 7th Annual Brickshire Community Yard Sale email Emily Horsley at  Feel free to call with questions at 757-897-6171.  You can drop off the $5 registration fee at her house anytime at 4175 Gadwell Court (The Sanctuary).  Be sure you leave your name and email address with any money and Emily will send you an email to confirm receipt.


Here are some tips you may find helpful on having a successful yard sale:


Display Areas

  • Tables - It is helpful to have tables to display the items you are selling. Ask to borrow tables from friends, your church or local community center if you are in need of additional tables. Mark your tables NOT FOR SALE to avoid people asking to buy them.
  • Clothing Racks - Clothing racks are useful in displaying nice clothing items.
  • Early Bird Shoppers - Be prepared for early bird shoppers, people who arrive up to an hour early.
  • Tarps or Tents - Both of these items can come in handy in the case of inclement weather.


Checkout Stand

  • Set-up a card table and chair for a checkout stand.
  • Guard your money. The best options are wearing an apron with pockets or a fanny pack to hold the change.
  • Have a calculator, pen and paper handy for totaling item prices.
  • Have plastic bags, newspaper and tape available to bag items for shoppers, if needed.


More tips and suggestions for a successful sale will be sent to registered participants.


Looking forward to a successful event!